About Me

Hello Everyone,  my name is Anna and I am the creator of Anna J Energy Art. I am a self taught Artist and found my passion through self discovery. It was always there, but I wasn't paying attention until I went on a spiritual journey and found myself and purpose. With the discovery of  Reiki, the Artist appeared and then Acrylic pouring became my thing. Then came Resin Art and by accident the discovery of Orgonites. With hesitation and procrastination I was finally pulled to create something with my hands that was unique.
Then came my Heart Orgonite Pendants..
Each pendant is hand made, unique and made with love and healing. I also invoke Reiki into each piece. I love what I do and i am very passionate to bring balance to the soul.
Enjoy the essence of pure love and light through the energies of my one of a kind Art pieces.